Client & Customer Testimonials

Stephanie Corey

Buyers: Rob & Cindy - Chapel Hill, NC

Let me state right upfront that we were not easy buyer clients! Even so, Stephanie never once expressed impatience with us, although there must have been times she wanted to throttle us.  We had a precise criteria list that made it impossible to set up an automated property search, so Stephanie searched through MLS listings house by house.  

We didn't know exactly where in Vermont we wanted to call home, so Stephanie set up showings for us throughout the state.  It took almost an entire year to find THE ONE - our dream home. There was another interested buyer, and Stephanie advised us on how to structure a competitive offer and masterfully negotiated our contract with the sellers.

And then her work really started. When we couldn't be present, Stephanie handled every step on our behalf. Inspections, repair negotiations, mortgage, legal, and insurance issues - Stephanie was on top of every detail to ensure our interests were protected throughout. When our lender couldn't meet our contract dates and we started to panic, Stephanie was able to find us another lender to give us a "clear to close" in just 5 days.

Stephanie is the epitome of professionalism. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and helped us navigate the myriad home buying intricacies. We relied on her sound advice and are now living our Vermont dream.

Seller & Buyer: Maria - Brandon & Orwell, VT

Stephanie has deep knowledge of the real estate she represents for sale. Stephanie was able to assess both my needs and purse to determine the best possible property available for my purchase. Stephanie’s responsiveness allowed me to secure an important property for my family. Stephanie’s  negotiation skills whether or not the property is her own listing was a key success factor in my multiple buy/sell situations over the last 5 years. I have listed and sold properties, purchased homes/property, looked at homes and property, and consulted with Stephanie many times. I continue to recommend Stephanie for your future real estate needs. Stephanie is my go to realtor now and in the future.

Buyers: Kevin & Valerie - Foster, RI

From the very first house she showed us, we both liked her immediately!  With our crazy schedules and having to drive up from Rhode Island, she made sure not a minute of our time was wasted.  She coordinated with other Realtors and homeowners, organizing showings over the state.  She even packed us snacks for the trip!   If you are buying or selling a home, take the opportunity and reach out to Stephanie. You won’t regret it!   We forged a friendship that continues to this day. 

Sellers & Buyers: Mollie & Eric - Brandon & Hubbardton, VT

 Hands down, Stephanie is the best Realtor around!  We placed our home on the market and three weeks later, it was sold! During those three weeks, we had several showings. With three kids and both parents working fulltime, that could have been crazy! But, we didn’t have to put much thought into the process as Stephanie kept us organized and the sale went through without a hitch.  Then, it came time to purchase...My husband and I were looking for something that we were sure was impossible to find and we had no idea where we were going to end up! Stephanie literally dedicated days to helping us find the right home.  Stephanie also exceeded our expectations when it came to timely response. She never failed to get back to us immediately, with thorough research. When buying a home, you never want to miss the right one.  Stephanie made sure that didn’t happen.  One other thing that really stuck out about Stephanie was her ability to identify with our family.  She  took into account who we were and what we were looking for.  She was patient and kind.  Her advice and guidance, were truly invaluable. 

Buyers: Mark - Orwell, VT

If you are looking to buy or sell property, the process can be both confusing and complicated. It can be like navigating an uncharted mountain trail without a map or a compass, feeling your lost from the get-go, trying to remember the advice from all the scouts you met at the base camp as to the directions you should go – most conflicting each other, but each seeming confident that they are right. Thank the higher powers for Stephanie Corey! She jumped on the trail with us with the navigational charts, maps, and GPS all working as one (and with spare batteries). It changed the reality from a daunting unknown process to a well navigated and though process with Stephanie expertly navigating our ship to our desired destination – a perfect home for our family of four. 

Stephanie helped us throughout the entire process – she worked with us in creating a team atmosphere with everyone we needed to work and coronate with, from bankers / lawyers and inspectors to working with the seller’s team and agent. It was obvious that people from both teams had worked with Stephanie before and they all have a tremendous respect for her personally and professionally. We not only found a respected, knowledgeable and professional real-estate agent, we also found a friend who we know we can call on at any time.

Although our situation was a difficult one, Stephanie never hesitated to work with us. Her willingness to jump through all the hurdles and hoops (some flaming) with us. She knowledgeably and happily led us through all the obstacles, twists and turns. She was always accessible and took the time to not just communicate but she always gave us the time we needed to ask any questions we might have. Her knowledge of the business, her professionalism and her personality combined made for the most possible pleasant experience through this process of buying our wonderful home.

To her credit not only did we successfully navigate our way to home ownership, but there have been no surprises found since the purchase (we have been in our wonderful home for 8 weeks now). So if you’re looking for a professional, well versed, and well respected real-estate agent, I would suggest calling Adirmont Real-estate agency and ask for Stephanie Corey. You will be glad to have her on your side.  


Amy Quenneville

Buyer: J.C. - Pawlet

You are absolutely the best realtor, you were always a step ahead and beyond professional and we are so lucky to have had your expertise and knowledge. Your kindness and generosity exceeded any and all expectations.                                                                                                           

Theresa Ouellette

Buyer: Fred - New York, NY

The dust now covered the back window of the car,  the miles  kept ticking away as the search for the right farm property continued. Twice that day, Theresa's ‎ listing signs  stood out, miles apart,  in the rural landscape of Rutland Co. I wondered if it was not the time to make a call to a professional who had a serious handle on property in the Champlain Valley.

I made that call to Theresa. She understood the unique type of classic home I was looking for. She arranged to show me a large property that time had passed by. 

The property could be divided, but the colonial era home  needed much work‎.  Theresa directed me to local contractors and service professionals that could help assess and address the feasibility of the grand opportunity before me. Her guidance and introductions gave me the cofidence to eventually buy three pieces of the larger holding over the next 4 years .

There is nothing routine or average abo‎ut Theresa's skill as a real estate professional. Weather you are searching for a new family home or a timeless farm property, don't let the miles tick away, don't let the dust build up on the car's back window.   Make the call, Put Theresa's Knowledge, Contacts and Skill to work for you. 

Sellers: Nancy & Barry - Shrewsbury, VT

I wanted to let you know how grateful we are to you, for representing us on the sale of our home in Shrewsbury.  From the time we contacted you and agreed to put the house on the market, you made the process so simple with all the pictures and paperwork that goes along with the sale. That took a lot of stress off from us.  It was so helpful with you guiding us with the info we needed to provide to the buyer about the home and the contacts I needed with the water samples that had to be taken. We were real surprised at how fast the showings took place once the house went on the market.  No matter what the time of day it was, day of the week it was, or the weather was, you where always there, and that was greatly appreciated.  If we were to buy or sell another home in the future, you will be the first one we will contact.                                                                                                

Buyers: Shelly & Rusty

It was a pleasure working with Theresa. She was super helpful through the whole process. She was very patient and helpful with all of the changes that kept coming up. She even recommended the bank, as we were having a hard time finding one that finances manufactured housing that is over 15 years old. I would definitely recommend Theresa!!   Thank you for everything Theresa. 

Shelly & Rusty 

Steve Quinn

Seller: Albert - Leceister, VT

I am not much with written words , computers or dates etc.!  But you sure showed me very QUICKLY that you sure are a Super REALTOR!  If I recall, it was within a week or two from the time you listed my farm, posted the sign, that you had three requests to show the place! To my utter and pleasant astonishment, the first couple you showed it to came at 2 PM and we had a written contract (for full asking price) by 6 PM that day!  I deeply THANK YOU for your advice, many calls, many personal visits and hard work you and  Adirmont Real Estate provided me.  Thank you all!


Sellers: Dan & Claudette - Leicester, VT

My wife and I would like to thank you again for selling our house in Leicester last year.  We now understand the value of an experienced local realtor vs. a national franchise realtor that handles mostly cookie cutter subdivision properties.  Our one year listing with a franchise office produced only a couple bona-fide showings and no offers.  You and the Adirmont team had it sold in three months!  Great job, and thanks again.                                                                                                

Denise Scarborough

Buyers: Kate & Nate

We started working with Denise in the summer of 2019. Denise was so patient with us through our house buying. We call her and ask her question and she was totally honest with us. We looked at a lot of house until we found the right one. Denise was right there for every step of the way. We can’t thank Denise enough she is a go getter, patient and understanding through the whole process with us. We could not ask for a better realtor!